We are dedicated to the development of the next generation of MRI methods, and we do it together with clinics and researchers around the world.

There is need for improved specificity in MRI, and imaging tools to obtain detailed characterization of the tissue microstructure has a significant role to play.  Characterization of  the variation in the tissue structure of different tumor types as well as different stages of the tumors will allow for early diagnosis and the capability to follow  the effects of therapy.

The CR Development package OncoPulse for image acquisition and processing includes IsoPulse for evaluation of the directionality of the tissue microstructure, VePulse which is a robust analysis to extract the blood volume and ExPulse that measures the exchange of water between different compartments in the tissue. Today the technology platform is used for research on clinical scanners around the world.

Technical Summary: Novel contrasts for higher specificity of dMRI.pdf